The Smart Workplace
for omnichannel conversations

Manage and enrich the interactions with your leads in our last mile solution. Obtain the best results offering an ideal user experience.
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Talk with your leads in a single
Smart Workplace.

Open new contact channels, gather information about your leads, enrich the conversations and improve user experience with the intelligent solution for commercial agents, D3A.

Onsite Channels

From a website, through contact forms or chat

Multiple channels, all in one

For incoming and outgoing calls

Social media and messaging

Through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

Virtual Assistants

Through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa


Improve your commercial agents service

Set up the solution for omnichannel conversations management and improve the efficiency of your commercial agents, who will obtain whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, without installation and with the possibility of remote access.

Configure all channels in a single platform
Access to your leads conversations history
Check and share the product catalog with the lead
Check and share your stores location
Check and share your terms and conditions
Use co-browsing between leads and commercial agents
Transfer a conversation to another commercial agent
Classify each conversation on a personalized and flexible way

Enrich the conversations with your leads

An improved customer service

An omnichannel service with intelligent routing and all the necessary tools to offer the best experience

Happier users

A quicker response to users, enriched and personalized, according to their history and necessities

Better results

Complete visibility of your performance in order to make decisions and obtain the best results


Dashboards and reports manager

Extract results and analyze conversations with your leads, the performance of your commercial agents and your sales outcomes.

  • Complete visibility of performance
  • General statistics on allocation, timing and conversions
  • Knowledge about omnichannel for campaigns optimization and results


D3A is a Smart Workplace that adapts to your necessities.

Let's grow together, talk with one of our experts.


  • Channel: Webchat and FB Messenger
  • Automatic ticket delivery
  • Contextual collaboration
  • Instant messaging
  • Lead Tracking integration
  • Basic dashboard
  • Basic onboarding
  • Support via email


  • SOON


  • SOON


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